Scientific & pedagogical interests


I'm  an PhD fellow based at Marrakech University - Morocco. Also, I'm interesting on phylogeographical and ecological aspects of the Mediterranean amphibians and reptiles.

At the moment I am employed as a Biology Teacher at a High-School in Marrakech  region. I enjoy showing childs nature, her importance and all her beauty and I hope to pass on my knowledge and passion to the next precious generation...

Also, I like to take time for photography; Mainly for Amphibiens & Reptiles...

  My main interest are the species of vertebrate living in North africa and Europe (Mediterranean).

 Currently I make eco-physiological studies in reptiles. Specially research on reproduction and thermoregulation of the Atlas Day Deckos, Morocco.

News & events

M. Abdellah Bouazza herpétologiste et membre de l’association Atheris et du GOMAC a observé et photographié un chat ganté (Felis silvestris lybica) dans la région de Tantan.

 My intervention in press with Sandrine Ceurstemont (New Scientist Magazine)

High-living geckos survive snowy peaks by cuddling up







Cop22 Marrakech 2016



Le 3ème Congrès Africain de Biologie de la Conservation (ACCB) placé sous le haut patronage de Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI prendra place du 4 au 8 septembre 2016 à El Jadida.


Laboratoires et institutions


Chizé Centre for Biological Studies
(U.M.R. 7372 - CNRS & University of La Rochelle

  Marrakech university Morocco
GSM: +212 634376778